Calgary Stampede

Drum roll, please……….. The Camera Store has got the online registration up and running for my Calgary Workshop Series — HERE’S THE LINK.

Astute readers will notice that there are 2 different events listed: a Basics class, and an Advanced class.  “Advanced?” you ask? “Yes,” I reply.


The Basics class will be similar to my “regular” workshop: depending on who shows up, we’ll be covering the basics of interiors photography, and basic lighting for real-estate-style photography. It’s a full day in which I’ll lecture (bring coffee), shoot demonstrations, and coach and advise while students shoot in a yet-to-be-determined residential setting.


Some of you have been waiting for this one for a while. A lot of you have asked me for this one. This one is The One.

Actually, it’s The Two, because we’ll be working for two back-to-back days, and I’m going to be assuming that you’ve got the fundamentals down already, so we won’t spend much time on that. We’ll review some of the most common lighting techniques I use, and you’ll put them to work. I’ll be pushing you past your comfort zone in every way I can think up: compositionally, exposure-wise, and lighting-ness.

Day One will be not unlike my “standard” workshop, albeit cranked up a level. I’ll demo a shot, you’ll shoot something similar. Rinse/repeat. As the day progresses, we’ll move from easy small spaces to bigger complex spaces, and I’ll ask you to solve trickier lighting problems. Since twilight comes early in the Great North, we’ll head outside near the end of the day for some twilight exteriors action (bring your mittens).

Day Two will find us back at it early, and we’ll be moving past “technically good” exposures and lighting, and into creative and emotive compositions and lighting. This is where we’ll start expressing a vision for a shot, and making it happen. We’ll break out the tilt-shift lenses and see what they can do for us. We’ll explore hand-blending exposures, and using hotlights and strobes, in addition to the speedlights we’ve been using.

Later in the day, we’ll head to The Camera Store’s state-of-the-art classroom, where we’ll review everyone’s work from both days. Then we’ll do a session on Lightroom & Photoshop techniques before we go into our final wrap-up.

You’re going to be very tired by the end of Day Two.

This is a workshop that simply isn’t possible without the support (and facilities) of an organization like The Camera Store, so don’t be expecting this to come to your neighborhood anytime soon. We’ll see how it goes, (I think it’s gonna be pretty darned cool) but for now this is definitely a one-of-a-kind event.

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  1. Darn it!; having been to some Scott Hargis workshops in the past, I’ve really been looking to get this Level-II kind of workshop…. Any possibility of these in the future, or other locations.