This Week in Photos: September 30, 2011

A quiet week, here in Lake Woebegon Oakland….but I’ve pulled a quartet of images for your viewing pleasure.

Happy Friday; I’m about to settle back with some Porcini Ravioli (made with Thyme-enfused pasta) and a nice glass of Red!

5 responses to “This Week in Photos: September 30, 2011

  1. Thanks for the weekly inspiration.

  2. I am new to following your blog. Can you explain what these photos represent? Is this a before and after lighting scenario or is this before and after editting?

    • geggdesign — with lights, and without. Post-production is limited to white balance, minor toning, and occasionally cloning out a smoke detector or lamp cord.

  3. Are you using just your Nikon Speedlites or larger? The beamed room seems big.
    Are these techniques covered in your book?
    Very nice! Thanks.

    • This set of photos were done with speedlights. It’s all in the book; you can get a description of the contents by hitting the link in the right sidebar of this page.