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iPhone Photo of the Day

On location with Dogtown Development ( and Matthew Baron Architect) in Oakland, California!

This Week in Photos: October 28, 2011

Only a few shots to show this week; I’ve been caught up in other stuff. Wrapping up on projects from last week, shooting and post-production on another fun gig this week, and generally being lazy. Too lazy to do “before” shots, even! (except for the staircase shot below)

Happy Friday, folks. I’m looking forward to a corned beef on rye, and a bottle of Anchor Steam!

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I’ve got three clients with projects in San Francisco’s Millenium Tower, (301 Mission St., Handel Architects) — and I’ve been waiting impatiently for one of them to finish so I could get in there and shoot something.

A couple of weeks ago, I got my wish. Matt Jessee, owner of MB Jessee, Inc., called me up and asked me to capture some images in their latest unit, on the 43rd floor facing the South Bay.

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Why Light Interiors?

My friends at The Camera Store, in Calgary, asked me to write a short article for their newsletter, so in the interests of international cooperation, I did.

The Camera Store is sponsoring 3 days of workshops in about three weeks: there’s a “beginner” class for folks just getting started with lights and interiors, and a truly cool two-day “advanced” class that’s designed to kick your butt and drive your photography to another level altogether. Check ’em out!

Archive Wednesday: September, 2008

iPhone Photo of the Day

On location at Piedmont Piano Co., in downtown Oakland, California

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iPhone Photo of the Day

Point Arenas, California