iPhone Photo of the Day

Calgary, eight below.


7 responses to “iPhone Photo of the Day

  1. Welcome back to Calgary! Sorry our weather isn’t co-operating. Have a great workshop!

  2. What do you mean, “not cooperating”? This is AWESOME!
    And hats off to this group of participants, who stood outside with me last night to do the twilight exterior! Tough, tough, tough people….nice to hear from you, Nevin!

    • I was just in LA a couple weeks ago and the temp was in the 80’s… Now that is awesome! The group is in for a treat! As I always say I got my money’s worth in the first three hours. I’d be attending this workshop but I’m in the midst of changing over to full frame gear. Can’t wait to get set up!! I’ll be there for any other Calgary workshops. Cheers!

  3. Great workshop Scott, really enjoyed it and learned a ton! Was this shot before or after a Bumpy’s coffee?

    • Dan, I was on my way there! That’s how you know I’m a hard-core photographer…freezing temps, pre-coffee….and I’m still dumb enough to pull off my gloves and do iPhone photography!
      Glad you liked the workshop! Thanks for coming.

  4. I was out of town, unfortunately, but really wanted to attend the workshop. Are you doing another anywhere near Calgary? I am certainly willing to travel.

  5. I agree with Dan, great workshop!