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Sausalito Residence by William Anderson Interiors

 One last project to finish out the year!

A few short weeks ago I spent a morning in Sausalito, California, with William Anderson Interiors, shooting a residential project they completed earlier in the year.

I loved the muted warm colors, and the way the shapes and themes followed through this main room! We shot a bedroom, two living room views, a wide establishing shot of the whole main floor, and a dining room view. Not bad for a half day!

Happy New Year….exciting stuff coming for 2012!

2011 Flipbook

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It’s been a good year! As I was recently reminded (thanks, Klaus!), I have the best job in the world. I spend every day doing what I want to be doing (except, maybe, bookkeeping day. Blech.) I’ve got enough money, and enough time (usually) to be good to myself once in a while.

When I reflect on 2011, I can’t help being aware that there are an awful lot of folks out there who are having a really hard time right now. People are out of work, or stuck in awful jobs that they can’t leave because there aren’t any other options. I’m pretty lucky.

Thanks to all my clients who give me such great stuff to put in front of my camera! See you all in 2012!

Northern California Hospitality

A few weeks ago I spent a couple of (long) days with Cox Concepts, in the tiny seaside village of Mendocino, way up on the Northern California coast. We were producing material for the launch of a new bed & breakfast, slated to open soon.

I drove up with PA Ellis Au on Tuesday evening, and met with Creative Director (and president of the company) Jim Cox, who had flown in earlier that day. We did a quick night-time walk-through of the place, and then headed out to a late dinner to go over shot lists and logistics. Our hosts had arranged housing in their other B&B’s, so we were living in luxury! I’m normally a Comfort-Inn kind of guy, so a room with a feather comforter and a working fireplace is definitely a step up.

click here for the Full write-up, and lots of photos

November Workshop Recap

It’s been a long month! But fun, fun, fun, fun, fun!!!

As has become a tradition, I spent WAY too much time on airplanes in November, clocking over 17,400 miles (that’s 28,000km) in less than 30 days.

That’s a lot of airports, a lot of crossword puzzles, a lot of bad food. On the other hand, you can get SO MUCH work done on a plane! And the destinations were great: Phoenix, Arizona; Calgary, Alberta; Ronda, Spain; and even some vacation days in France. Not a bad month.

And the workshops! Without a doubt, these were the best workshops I’ve ever taught. We had an absolutely GREAT group of photographers in all three cities, and the venues were top-notch, as well.

By far, the most interesting one was with The Camera Store — the 2-day Advanced workshop. Twelve intrepid photographers and I spent two solid days shooting a townhouse in Calgary – and pushed our light and our compositions to the limit. Even I got stumped on a shot and had to resort to hand-blending two exposures together! Sunday afternoon we hit The Camera Store’s new classroom facility, did some post-production work on our images, and then projected them on the big screen for a group critique. This was the first 2-day workshop I’ve done, and there will be more like it. Jim at TCS is already bugging me about dates.

Thanks to The Camera Store, Lennar Corp., and the Ronda Mountain Retreat for hosting these workshops! Great locations, and great people to work with!

Me, I’m glad to be back home, trying to get back into running condition, and deep in pre-production on a very exciting project that will be announced soon after the first of the year!

Here’s a few photos —- credits are Malia Campbell, Marc Muller, Suzanne Feinberg, Me, and possibly someone I’ve forgotten — if you see your photo in here let me know so I can credit you! Thanks, you guys, for some great shots!

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iPhone Photo of the Day

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