2011 Flipbook

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It’s been a good year! As I was recently reminded (thanks, Klaus!), I have the best job in the world. I spend every day doing what I want to be doing (except, maybe, bookkeeping day. Blech.) I’ve got enough money, and enough time (usually) to be good to myself once in a while.

When I reflect on 2011, I can’t help being aware that there are an awful lot of folks out there who are having a really hard time right now. People are out of work, or stuck in awful jobs that they can’t leave because there aren’t any other options. I’m pretty lucky.

Thanks to all my clients who give me such great stuff to put in front of my camera! See you all in 2012!

12 responses to “2011 Flipbook

  1. What a great idea for a year end retrospective!

  2. Thanks for posting, Scott. Wonderful images in a compelling presentation!

  3. Stunning and inspirational!

  4. That’s really fun to see! A nice way to wrap up a great year. Hope to catch up with you before long…
    til then, I hope you have a great holiday!

  5. Scott: We should all have a wrap-up like this. Congrats and happy holidays.

  6. Wow, fantastic compilation!!

  7. Loved this…I would like to study some of those shots, is there a portfolio we can click through?

    • wtlloyd — a lot of this is on my website. But, play the video full-screen and hit the pause button; I uploaded this in HD video which makes it bigger than most of what I post online elsewhere.

  8. slick – love the audio with the music and sound effects. And great work as usual.

  9. Thanks, everyone, this was fun to put together. As usual, there are at least two photos that slipped in by accident….which means there are two more that (oops) got left out.

  10. Fun video and a great set of photos. I really enjoyed this.