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Lighting For Real Estate Photography – The Movie

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It’s Official!

I’ve been holding this one close to the chest for a few months, although some hints leaked out now and then. I’ve just wrapped shooting on a comprehensive video series about lighting for real estate photography. I worked with Malia Campbell, who has sat (patiently) through more than a few of my workshops, and who knows the material I’m trying to present. She helped me condense the message(s) and make them work in a series of ten-to-twenty minute videos that I think ROCK.

Twenty-One videos in all, totaling a few hours’ worth, that cover just about every aspect of lighting real estate shots using small flash. I’m STOKED about this project. We start basic, then work up to multi-light setups that should challenge even the experienced real estate photographer.

The website where they’ll be available is still under construction, but rest assured, there will be more blog posts here as launch day approaches. TONS of work still to do on the back end, but it looks like we’re going to be ready to go live on March 1st, if not a few days before. I’m headed to the desert for a few days of R&R – but I’ll be back to answer questions next week! Meantime, drop by Malia Campbell Photography for more info on this!

iPhone Photo of the Day

Behind The Scenes with Malia Campbell Photography

I’m heading into a brutal shoot sked this weekend which (hopefully) will mark the end of shooting on a long-term project. A couple of weeks ago my friend and colleague Quentin Bacon dropped by the set to shoot some BTS footage.

Before you ask:  I’m not sayin’……yet.

Maybe next week.

New Work — Winter 2012 Collection

I’m very late with this, but it’s been a very busy fall/winter. Still, I’ve been itching to get this portfolio together, so today finally it’s live!

Click the image above to see the entire collection….and Thank You!


From a very cool project…

photos courtesy Quentin Bacon

The Remmies Are In!

Yeah, Baby!

Back on November 11th,  my lunch was interrupted by a call from Jerry Wilkins, of Custom Kitchens. He was letting me know that he had (the night before) accepted the Grand Prize, All Categories, at the 2011 Remmies with a project I photographed. This marks the second consecutive year that my photographs were part of the presentation that ultimately won Grand Prize — last year it was this project with McCutcheon Construction.

Congratulations to Jerry and the entire team at Custom Kitchens! This was a HUGE project, which was fraught by red tape and countless obstacles – Jerry and the crew perservered and ultimately created a real work of art….Arts & Crafts, actually….that was a pleasure to photograph. This project is now off to the Nationals…which are announced in April. Wish us luck!

Click Here to view the entire set of photos!