Lighting For Real Estate Photography – The Movie

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It’s Official!

I’ve been holding this one close to the chest for a few months, although some hints leaked out now and then. I’ve just wrapped shooting on a comprehensive video series about lighting for real estate photography. I worked with Malia Campbell, who has sat (patiently) through more than a few of my workshops, and who knows the material I’m trying to present. She helped me condense the message(s) and make them work in a series of ten-to-twenty minute videos that I think ROCK.

Twenty-One videos in all, totaling a few hours’ worth, that cover just about every aspect of lighting real estate shots using small flash. I’m STOKED about this project. We start basic, then work up to multi-light setups that should challenge even the experienced real estate photographer.

The website where they’ll be available is still under construction, but rest assured, there will be more blog posts here as launch day approaches. TONS of work still to do on the back end, but it looks like we’re going to be ready to go live on March 1st, if not a few days before. I’m headed to the desert for a few days of R&R – but I’ll be back to answer questions next week! Meantime, drop by Malia Campbell Photography for more info on this!

32 responses to “Lighting For Real Estate Photography – The Movie

  1. I can’t wait! Enjoy your R&R.

  2. so cool! will there be a subscription charge or course charge?

  3. Awesome I am so excited for this!

  4. Can I pre-order?

  5. Sign me up!

  6. Sweet, I am Looking forward to this

  7. AWESOME work you two!!

  8. Bought the book months ago in 2011. Helped tremendously. Been waiting for an excuse to take a road trip to attend your workshop. Spain wasn’t in the budget. Movie sound like a perfect substitute. Any thoughts on pricing?

  9. This is exciting Scott, I know from reading your book and from following your blog, that these will help everyone who takes advantage of them excellent photographers. I have become a devout video tutorial student. Because of the constraints of starting a new business often the only time I have available to study is after 10:00 PM. I could not have gained the knowledge and skills I have learned about our software and equipment without Video tutorials. Still, I am looking forward to meeting you someday. I am sure this venture will be well worth all of yours and Malia’s effort.

    Give ’em your best!

  10. Looks great Scott, can’t wait. I bought the book, but still struggle like crazy in certain rooms. Hopefully these will shed some light (real examples) on large rooms with walls of windows.

  11. Michele Sheiko

    Hi Scott! As someone who has attended 2 of your workshops, I am thrilled! Also, happy to help coordinate your next DC area (hopefully Annapolis) workshop! Thanks for all you do!

  12. Scott, Thanks so much for your hard work and willingness to share your knowledge with all of us. I just purchased your eBook which has already paid for itself by explaining the benefits of the beloved SB80DX Speedlight. I have since bought two of them on Ebay and will be buying a bunch more as I move forward. Without your explanation as to why they are such great tools, I know I would have bought something less versatile. Picked up so much new knowledge as well and I can’t wait for my next shoot!

  13. Sounds great! I suggested your name to a while a ago, now I don’t need to wait to “see you” online. Consider me a buyer 😉

  14. Derek matarangas

    Will you be talking about HDR in this video? I have noticed thats important in real estate photography to get the windows perfectly clear.

    Thanks in advance for the response.

  15. Can’t wait. This sounds like a solid video experience. A must have for all RE photographers.

  16. this sounds awesome!

  17. Thanks, everyone. Malia and I worked really, really hard on this. Now that the shooting is over, we’re getting all the little details fixed up, building the back end (hosting, delivery, etc.) and generally making sure the “i’s” are crossed and the “t’s” are dotted. I really hope that this turns out to be a meaningful contribution.

  18. Will the videos be available for download or just live streaming? I watch a lot of my training videos offline out of wifi. 🙂

    • Morgana,
      Sorry, you’ll need wifi…it’s streaming. I can get them just using 3G on my iPhone, although broadband is obviously better. But our hosting is REALLY good about detecting device/connection and adapting to it.

  19. Hi Scott, I just bought your book two days ago and started learning stuff in the first chapter. Great book! I’m looking forward to the videos. One question I have now is, I don’t see you mention anything about using the zoom on your flashes> Do you always leave it wide open?

  20. Scott,
    I have watched and rewatched the videos – every time I view them I pick up more morsels of the Hargis Experience! I can’t thank you enough. They have helped tremendously! But… Is there a place where we can post questions related to the videos, whether it be technique or advice or whatever? The questions I have are things that would normally be asked if we were in a workshop setting – The interaction type stuff. Hopefully quick answers, in one place, for reference.

  21. Patrick, either here or on the PFRE Flickr forum.

  22. Hi where can i see vids?