iPhone Photo of the Day

On location with Crane & Canopy Inc., in Atherton, CA.

8 responses to “iPhone Photo of the Day

  1. Hello Mr. Scott,
    Appreciate you guiding so many photographers all over the world in Architecture & Interior photography. A query – In this iPhone photograph (on location with Crane & Canopy) as well as in the iPhone photograph (on location with Customs Kitchen) noticed you are using a small Blue coloured lights. Would you be able to let me know as to which is this model and the manufactureres name? Are they continuous lights or stobes….. If hotlights are they halogen with colour correcting filters, dimmable etc.?
    Look forward to your early feedback.
    Thank you. Sharma

  2. Bruce Peter Morin

    What did he do sit in white powder? As always thanks for sharing Scott!

  3. Thank you for your feedback. Will try to source them ASAP.

  4. So not using speedlights anymore?

    • I still use ’em on real estate shoots, exclusively. And they work great for small accent lighting tasks. I was using one on this gig as an optical relay to get a pack outside to fire.

  5. Hi Scott,
    If it’s still a residential space you’re shooting regardless of the client, why go to continuous lights? More power, lower iso, ability to stop down?
    I have an older model 1000 W Dyna-lite kit and a bunch of SB-80s. Should I start playing around using the Dyna-lites as my main, bounced or with shoot through umbrellas and my SBs as the accents? Any color conflict issues between those light sources that you’re aware of?

    Thanks. Love checking out your blog and highly recommend your great workshop.

    • ? Not sure why residential/non-residential would impact the choice of lights….it doesn’t, for me.

      The continuous lights I use are much less powerful than strobes. They’re good for very fussy jobs that require exact placement and control. The ability to see in real-time what you’re getting makes the process much faster. Color imbalances can be corrected with gels.