Children’s Support League

For the past two years, I’ve shot the Children’s Support League “Heart of the Home” tour photos, pro bono. These images are used to promote a 2-day home tour event in Oakland and Piedmont California, that supports the CSL.

Here’s a few from this year’s collection:

4 responses to “Children’s Support League

  1. Bright, crisp and clean light while still maintaining the ambiance and feel in the rooms. (I just finished re-reading your ebook and it’s great to see the principles at work.)

  2. Hey Scott, beautiful work here – however, when you let the browser re-downsize these images, they appear fuzzy and undermine the quality of your work. Clicking on each individual image shows the superior (and slightly larger) original downsized image. Perhaps having 2 sets of downsized images for each image would help, one small and one slightly larger? Just a thought.

  3. I have been reading your ebook as well. I would love to know more about settings- still struggling with this. Thanks so much for your help!

  4. Scott, your photos are exquisite! We at CSL cannot thank you enough for bringing our April 27-28 Heart of the Home Tour to life. Your generosity and talents go a long, long way to helping disadvantaged East Bay children.