iPhone Photo of the Day

On location with Custom Kitchens and Bentwood Kitchens in Alameda, California. Alan Vance fixes the drapes ….

9 responses to “iPhone Photo of the Day

  1. Is that a neutral density filter on your lens?

  2. Could you please explain how do use neutral density filter for interior photography?

  3. Eyal, it’s a graduated ND — cuts one stop from the exposure on a portion of the scene. Makes it easier to balance the illumination across the scene.

  4. thanks for sharing, every time you post something – I learn something. Very grateful for that.

  5. Very cool! Scott what head is on that tripod? Do those knobs fine tune your angle?

  6. Thanks scott. I am really considering ordering this head. However, I do a teeny tiny bit of video work also, where I literally just do a few clips of panning and tilting. I know its not a fluid head, but is it smooth enough to get a clean pan around a room? I have a very steady hand – mind you…

    • I wouldn’t do it. You really need a dedicated fluid head for that stuff. Manfrotto has a new one that they’re touting as a “combination” head – you might look into that. Otherwise, I’d suggest the 501 as a good cheap fluid head.