A few weeks ago I got a call from Morgan Smith, founder of Cogent Legal. I’m always glad when Morgan calls, because it means I’ll be shooting something very different, and very interesting.  This time, it was staff portraits and images for their web design team to use.

The last thing they wanted was a “Sears-portrait” type of setup, with a cloudy blue backdrop and a bunch of stiff-looking people. Cogent is a VERY cool place to work, and it’s staffed by a group of incredibly talented and cool people. So we went with environmental portraits, and we gave each one a slightly different look.

It was a great time – and many thanks to Morgan, Sarah, and the staff! Thanks also to PA’s Alan Vance and Kate Carboneau!

9 responses to “Outtakes

  1. Love it, Love it, Love it!!!!

  2. Charles Mackenzie-Hill

    All looks good, seems like you had a fun day also?

  3. never understood serious formal portraits myself – leftover from the Monarchs & Oligarchs of the 15th century if you asked me

  4. Great creative set-ups!!

  5. ..and great work as well!

  6. Thanks, folks. This was, in fact, a really fun day. The two biggest challenges were that the office is, uh, asthetically challenged, to say the least, and so finding suitable backgrounds took a little planning. And, of course, there were the ubiquitous fluorescent tubes lighting everything, so we had to work a little to keep the colors from getting wonky.

  7. Really superb work, Scott… you’ve been doing inspired portrait work for years already, and just keep getting better, raising the bar. Wow. I really need to get away from two umbrellas and a white backdrop!

    • Peter, all of these were shot with a single head into a 38″ ‘deep’ Octobox, hand-held by an assistant. In a couple cases I used a speedlight bounced off a wall to gain a fractional amount of detail somewhere, but mostly these are one-light affairs! Fun fun fun

  8. Fun fun fun indeed! I would LOVE to get my law firm clients away from the standard headshot and into something where we can get creative. This inspires. Thanks for another great post!