The View from Russian Hill

Apparently, a Canon 5DmII with a 70-200 f/2.8 IS lens on a Gitzo tripod with a Schneider .6 Grad ND filter and a remote shutter release is better than an iPhone. Who woulda guessed?

5 responses to “The View from Russian Hill

  1. I wouldn’t have, but please keep this to yourself as I am the proud owner of some Apple stock and I would hate to see them plunge again after this news 🙂

  2. Gorgeous exposure. How did you get all those people to turn their lights on for you???

  3. Hey Scott. How many SB-80 s did you have to use in this one?

  4. how many sb-80s. did youuse….now that was funny!..good one TG.
    Fantastic pic Scott….stunning.

  5. I love that “sweet light” image.