Law Firm Reception – by Dumican Mosey Architects

A few weeks ago I spent a few hours with Dumican Mosey Architects, with whom I’ve worked before, shooting the newly completed lobby of a San Francisco law firm. (Note to AT&T: 28 floors up in San Francisco’s Financial District…and no cell service? Really?)

I had scouted this a week earlier, and so I knew pretty much what we would have to contend with. Getting detail on that deep navy blue wall was going to be a challenge! I brought every light I own, and most of them got used on the shot above. There are 6 heads firing, almost as many hotlights, and even a Nikon SB-80! We averaged 2 hours per shot, but the results were worth it, I think.

Alan starts setting up the lights.

This was a collaboration between Dumican Mosey, Andrew Cohen Architects, and Skyline Construction – and I think they did a great job.

We were scrambling to get these done, so I did very little BTS photography, but here’s one:

We wrapped the night with this one:

My friend Glenn Daidone told me this makes him think someone’s getting fired…which I think says more about Glenn than my photo. But that’s another story!

6 responses to “Law Firm Reception – by Dumican Mosey Architects

  1. Excellent shots as always! Event the flowers pop.
    What kind of heads and hotlights do you use? Do you pocket wizard all of them?

  2. Scott, what is BTS?

  3. Adam, primarily Elinchrom Rangers, but for this shoot I also dragged my trusty old Ascor QC-8 pack and heads out of cold storage. The hotlights are all Arri’s. The strobes are PW’d. Thanks for the nice words.

    Michael R. — like Adam said, ‘behind-the-scenes’. It’s fun to document, but on this one we were really jamming all night.

  4. Michael Pennello

    Really nice shots. Are you using ctb’s on the arri 150’s or mixing the stobe and hot lights and just letting things playout or……………? And are all your arris the little 150’s?

  5. Michael, 150’s and a 300. I think there’s an Omni or a Tota or something more powerful in my future. I CTO the strobes more often than cooling off the Arri’s. But it’s whatever the situation calls for.