….And the Winner Is….

In the post above, the photo on the right was made with the Canon 5DmII, the photo on the left was made with an iPhone.

Some folks were doing some pretty good detective work trying to get clues from the composition, and Tor even postulated that the open door was a clue that I’d had this idea, and gone inside to get my phone! Which was great reasoning…but no cigar.

I think that at this size, it’s damn hard to tell. The Canon version has better shadow detail – you can see it in the tress above the house, and in the living room window. And the foliage in the iPhone version is a bit blue, which I find is typical of iPhone. But still, the point is that with a compressed dynamic range like this, it’s really close!

Had I shown you these at full size, there would be absolutely no question which was which. Even at this size, if I hadn’t done noise reduction on the iPhone version, you would probably have been able to tell.

Someone mentioned interiors…..so stay tuned, I’ve got another iPhone v. Canon smackdown coming!

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