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Crane & Canopy

Back in February I shot the “launch collection” of designer duvet covers and bedding for start-up Crane & Canopy. They launched earlier this month, with a snazzy website full of my photos.

It was a really fun few days. We were on location in Atherton, CA, and the crew assembled “bedrooms” in various places all over the house…and outdoors, too. Some the action got chronicled here. Click Here for more photos

Embrace The Dark Side

EDIT: This blog has MOVED. You’re on the old, dead blog. Everything (including this post) has been migrated onboard my website. Here’s the direct link:

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We now continue with our original programming….

The image above prompted more than a few questions (some in the comments) about how I controlled the reflection of the tub in the glass door of the shower stall. So here’s the scoop on what was going on in this shot.

Unfortunately, I was working fast, so I don’t have much in the way of BTS or setup shots. But follow along with me and I’ll describe things as best I can. /full write-up after the jump!

iPhone Photo of the Day

On location with Martin Perri Interiors, in San Ramon California!

Seomra Folctha by Tom Coll

Seomra Folctha means “Bathroom” in Irish, for those of you who don’t know. Tom Coll is from County Donegal in the Auld Sod, and built this bathroom as part of a remodel in San Francisco’s Twin Peaks neighborhood.

I loved the way he used rough-edged material to create a luxurious feel but with an authentic, hand-hewn look.

I tried to create photographs that captured the same feeling of fine craftsmanship within the rough-hewn material. In the bedroom shot, I used the old-fashioned luggage to mirror the pattern of the alcoves in the wall.

Question is….are you leaving on a long journey, or just arriving home?

iPhone Photo of the Day

On location in Oakland, California. Alan shows how to light wood cabinetry.

And the final rig:

iPhone Photo of the Day

iPhone Photo of the Day