Call For Submissions

Well, we’re coming up on 6 months since the release of Lighting For Real Estate Photography, my 21-part video series that details the techniques that I use to light real estate photos so they require little or no post processing. And today I’m announcing that there’s a 22nd episode in the works.

The series launched on February 10th, and we got buried in positive feedback pretty  much immediately. And it hasn’t stopped — I still get emails like this one several times a week:

“These videos are the best photography investment I have made in a long, long time. Thank you so much…for creating and teaching the invaluable and exciting profession.”


That person also wrote with a very specific question about a very specific lighting situation. I get a bunch of those emails, too. So many, that I’ve decided to create a new video that addresses a few “case studies” – real-live lighting situations that people have encountered and struggled with. And that’s where you come in – I need your photos! I’m looking for real-world images that present a particular challenge: a truly hard-to-avoid reflection, or a weird color-balancing problem, or any of the myriad things that make us scratch our heads! I’ll choose the ones that I think have the broadest appeal, and address them individually in a new video that will be added to the series. While we’re at it, I need ideas for a good title!

If you’ve got a good, gnarly lighting challenge  — send the photo! I’ll get back to you and see if we can figure out the solution. Email a low-res photo and a description of what the challenge was to:

Hope your summer shooting is going well!

One response to “Call For Submissions

  1. This is great news! I purchased the video series several weeks back and in addition the Guide to Lighting interiors book, is the best investment I’ve made to improving my interiors photography. Can’t wait for the new episode, and now…. I’m off to look through my images to see if any fit the bill for a lighting scenario!
    Thanks for all your generous advice and help Scott.