Seomra Folctha by Tom Coll

Seomra Folctha means “Bathroom” in Irish, for those of you who don’t know. Tom Coll is from County Donegal in the Auld Sod, and built this bathroom as part of a remodel in San Francisco’s Twin Peaks neighborhood.

I loved the way he used rough-edged material to create a luxurious feel but with an authentic, hand-hewn look.

I tried to create photographs that captured the same feeling of fine craftsmanship within the rough-hewn material. In the bedroom shot, I used the old-fashioned luggage to mirror the pattern of the alcoves in the wall.

Question is….are you leaving on a long journey, or just arriving home?

5 responses to “Seomra Folctha by Tom Coll

  1. I really like the wall behind the tub. I’m not much of a bath guy but I could relax pretty easily in that tub.

  2. Scott, I like how you handled the reflections on the glass door. How did you manage that?

  3. O.K., I’ve got it. You removed the cabinets with the sinks, shot the door and then put the sink cabinets back. Brilliant!

  4. Michael, Bea,
    It was a very simple, low-tech method. I’ll make a post out of it this weekend, time permitting!

  5. Dig the rich tone of the dark blue room. Composition is amazing. Just finished watching your videos and completed my 31st RE shoot. Nailed a great looking kitchen and will post it to flickr RE group. Thanks so much for helping someone like myself starting out in this field.