iPhone Photo of the Day

On location on San Francisco’s Nob Hill with Cindy Bayan of Muratore!

7 responses to “iPhone Photo of the Day

  1. Scott, What’s the filter your using? any if you don’t mind, why?

    • David, there’s no filter at all, actually. I just mount the filter holder ahead of time on the assumption that at some point I’m going to slap something on there. Most often its a graduated ND. But in this case, there’s nothing in there.

  2. That looks like a LEE. Do you have comments/recommendations regarding filter holders? The differences between the LEE and Cokin X-Pro, for example… And what kind of neutral grads do you tend to come back to more often; say, a 2-stop soft edge? Thanks!

    • I bought the Lee holder because it was in stock at the store….as for the ND filters, my advice is to spend some money on it, avoid the cheap ones. From what I’ve read, a neutral filter is the hardest one to make. My experience with cheap ones is that they introduce a color cast (my $100 B+W ND filter gives a distinct magenta cast that took me forever to figure out how to correct for). So now I use a $300 Schneider. 2-stops, soft edge. Less than 2 stops and you’re probably better off doing it in post.

  3. Scott,
    Thanks for answering Charles questions. I was curious of the same things.

  4. Everytime you post something I learn something.. There’s a Schneider .6 ND in my local store here w the Lee holder, $300 is taking the piss! It works thought and your results speak for themselves. Great work and thanks for sharing .

  5. Dale, I really LOVE that filter. And I just dropped another $250 on a 105mm CP that mounts to the Lee Foundation. Pricey stuff, but you can’t photoshop your way around some of these things.