Seven Days Of Shooting Makes One Weak

It’s actually more like 12 consecutive days, but on the seventh day I was too busy making the shot above to blog anything. Clever tag lines aside, it’s been a busy September. More than half of what I’ve shot is either embargoed or still in proofing, but I’ve been lucky to shoot some killer interiors/exteriors for DogTown Development, Leslie Arnold Architect, HouseWorks Inc., and MJM Interiors. And, of course – Sotheby’s!

And, in the mix, was two days of shooting video with Malia Campbell for a new episode in the Lighting For Real Estate Photography series. It’s in the editing phase now (which means it’s thankfully OFF my plate) but I think it’ll be a really cool addition to the series. Watch here for an announcement when it goes live.

Meantime, here’s a few recent ones I can share:

7 responses to “Seven Days Of Shooting Makes One Weak

  1. That’s a pretty awesome kitchen shot!

  2. At my house, we love the kitchen tile backsplash!

  3. oh man that kitchen.. ace

  4. I’d love to know more about how you light, ie multiple flashes vs strobe vs natural light only or some combo. Thanks

  5. Wow, you set the bar at Olympic heights. Great work!