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iPhone Photo of the Day

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Earlier this year,I did a really fun shoot with my client Cogent Legal, making environmental portraits of the principals, Morgan Smith and Sarah Smith, and the staff.

And last July, I got to do it again, this time with Appel Law Firm, which specializes in working with the Ironworker’s union. Why they don’t call themselves High Iron Legal, I’ll never know….#coolnames

Appel launched their new website this week, and it’s great to see my work in the final product. Here’s a few more. Thanks to John, Mike, and Thomas for a great project!

iPhone Photo of the Day


Mid-Century Modern, Revised: Leslie Arnold Architect

I was really pleased to get to shoot this updated mid-century in San Francisco’s North Beach neighborhood (my favorite ‘hood in SF) a few weeks ago. Architect Leslie Arnold and General Contractor Steve Altman retained the classic lines and character of the space but created a light airy feeling that seems totally up-to-date.

We had planned to wrap the shoot around 5:00pm, but after seeing the private courtyard above I knew that it simply HAD to be a twilight photo. We spent the next couple of hours setting this up. There’s some added light pretty much everywhere, inside and outside, which kept me and Alan pretty busy. As the time drew near, we sketched out where we wanted our models (Leslie, and the homeowners, who are both in the design/architecture field themselves). Then came the patient waiting, then the frantic last-minute tweaking….until voila! The perfect moment.

Here’s a few more from this shoot. Enjoy!

iPhone Photo of the Day

Halfway there…

iPhone Photo of the Day

On location with Holly Bender Interior Design, in Lafayette California!


iPhone Photo of the Day

New Episode Added to Lighting For Real Estate Photography Video


About once a week, someone emails me to ask how I attach the umbrella to the little video tripods that I favor as speedlight stands. I use these throughout the Lighting For Real Estate Photography video series, and today we’re launching a new “Insolita” episode (those are the “shorts” that cover little topics, for those of you who aren’t subscribers) that explains how to modify your stands so they can accept the shaft of the umbrella.

It’s a quick easy project, and we were able to document it in just over five minutes. If you’re a subscriber, just navigate to the “Video” section, hit the “Insolita” link, and the new video will appear at the bottom.

FYI, last month we finished recording a new episode that’s in editing now (mostly waiting on me to supply some screen captures…). Watch for that to go live before the end of the year!

Meantime, sharpen your drill bits and mod those lightstands!

iPhone Photo of the Day

On location with Muratore, in high above San Francisco’s North Beach neighborhood!

iPhone Photo(s) of the Day

On location in San Francisco’s North Beach neighborhood, with Muratore Corp.

Photo by Alan Vance

Above: composing the shot by the reflected view of the Live View screen, in the bathroom mirror. Camera is about 2 inches from the surface of the mirror. Operating the shift and rotation ring backwards was….tricky.

Photo by Alan Vance

Leveling the camera. With the center post tilted back, the usual pan/tilt/rise knobs on the tripod head no longer work as usual. Any camera move required a combination of two or more axes of motion.

Lower leg of the tripod is in a Bogen superclamp mounted on top of the short lightstand.  Pendant lamps are flagged off with cinefoil so they don’t reflect in the glass of the shower stall, visible behind me. Couldn’t just turn them off because they were on the same circuit with other lights that we needed on.