Kitchen & Bath by Building Lab

A few weeks ago I worked with Stephen Shoup of Building Lab to shoot a kitchen and bath remodel in San Francisco. Stephen and his team created a totally downtown look in this place, and so I worked to create images that held that crisp, clean look – but with the rich warm tones that seem to be a hallmark of Building Lab projects.


4 responses to “Kitchen & Bath by Building Lab

  1. Scott, did you gel your lights to match the tungsten in the kitchen? Is that how you got the lights so clean and white?

  2. Bob –
    Probably. I’m guessing that we had 1/2 CTOs on at least one strobe. There’s actually no tungsten in this kitchen, though. The ceiling practicals are compact fluorescents (the new ones, that are relatively warm), and the ones in the little box directly over the island are halogen spots. There’s two more halogens over the stove, and the under-cabinet lights are old-fashioned (horrible) fluorescent tubes. We gelled the tubes with full-cut “Minus-Green” (magenta) gels, to neutralize the color.

  3. Beautiful work as always.

  4. That one point kitchen detail shot is bad ass!