iPhone Photo(s) of the Day

(Still) on location with Arco Constuction (Beverages Group).

What 150,000 square feet of beer looks like.

…and 8000 square feet of ice-cold kegs:

And if you’re wondering if they really keep all that beer cold?

Yes. They do.

7 responses to “iPhone Photo(s) of the Day

  1. I have never in my life seen a keg act as a laptop stand. Scott Hargis, you’re some kind of rock star. Next time you shoot a beer warehouse, I’m available for an assist job in case you need help… moving beer.

  2. Scott you must have been in heaven!

  3. Scott: Never mind heaven. You had to be freezing!

  4. In the second photo, I was standing on a keg so I could reach the camera. And Bea — yes, I was starting to shiver when I finally came out of there. Once I got back out into the main warehouse, all my gear frosted over and I had to take everything outside into the sun to dry off!

  5. I look forward to seeing the final shots.

  6. Condensation is a killer. Zip lock and larger plastic bags next time, put all electronic gear inside before you leave the building. Give your gear at least 4 hours before removing from bags.

  7. Did they at least offer you a cold one once you completed the job.