iPhone Photo(s) of the Day

On location in San Francisco’s North Beach neighborhood, with Muratore Corp.

Photo by Alan Vance

Above: composing the shot by the reflected view of the Live View screen, in the bathroom mirror. Camera is about 2 inches from the surface of the mirror. Operating the shift and rotation ring backwards was….tricky.

Photo by Alan Vance

Leveling the camera. With the center post tilted back, the usual pan/tilt/rise knobs on the tripod head no longer work as usual. Any camera move required a combination of two or more axes of motion.

Lower leg of the tripod is in a Bogen superclamp mounted on top of the short lightstand.  Pendant lamps are flagged off with cinefoil so they don’t reflect in the glass of the shower stall, visible behind me. Couldn’t just turn them off because they were on the same circuit with other lights that we needed on.


10 responses to “iPhone Photo(s) of the Day

  1. Nice o see the set up Scott, what kind of tripod are you using, I’m needing to ditch my ancient Manfrotto for something with more versatility to get into corners like this, as rock steady as the old tripod is, it’s not so good for shots like this!!

  2. I’m a kitchen and bath designer who does his own photography; thus I follow you and your advice….but a word or caution. A slab of marble and a human all on top of a wall mounted cabinet….well…you are pushing your luck. Kind of joking; but kind of not.

    Cool shot, I like the tripod set up, very creative.

    • Gegg, it kind of depends on who’s doing the design, and who’s doing the construction. This is not exactly a Home Depot vanity that’s just screwed into a stud!

  3. Thanks Scott!! 🙂

  4. Ooooh, I didn’t know you were in North Beach yesterday! You should have had a glass of wine there after your shoot!

  5. Adam Pendleton

    Hey Scott,
    What lead you to use a TS for your work? Just curious…

  6. Scott, it would be great if you could do a blog post at some point on your use of the TS lens. I’m sure you’ve developed techniques that make shots with this tool more successful as well as things to avoid.