New Episode Added to Lighting For Real Estate Photography Video


About once a week, someone emails me to ask how I attach the umbrella to the little video tripods that I favor as speedlight stands. I use these throughout the Lighting For Real Estate Photography video series, and today we’re launching a new “Insolita” episode (those are the “shorts” that cover little topics, for those of you who aren’t subscribers) that explains how to modify your stands so they can accept the shaft of the umbrella.

It’s a quick easy project, and we were able to document it in just over five minutes. If you’re a subscriber, just navigate to the “Video” section, hit the “Insolita” link, and the new video will appear at the bottom.

FYI, last month we finished recording a new episode that’s in editing now (mostly waiting on me to supply some screen captures…). Watch for that to go live before the end of the year!

Meantime, sharpen your drill bits and mod those lightstands!

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