iPhone Photo of the Day

On location with Holly Bender Interior Design, in Lafayette California!

16 responses to “iPhone Photo of the Day

  1. Nice gaffer’s toilet paper

  2. Jacquelyn Hargis

    they need to try a better brand of T paper

  3. What’s the purpose of the bean bag on your camera lens?

  4. Arto Lehikoinen

    Seems to me you have 4″ Lee filter attached (soft 0.3 grad ND?).
    How often do you break out grad filters in interior shoots?

  5. Nice to see you use hot lights Scott! I’ve never used them myself, do you use them often?

    • Neale, we use them a lot. Really good for very exact light settings, where you don’t want any spill from the specific thing you’re lighting. In this photo, we’re lighting the area that’s revealed in the mirror, which is out of sight to the right.

  6. ……interested to know why you’re using the gnd Scott? Was ceiling too hot?

  7. Thanks for the info Scott, much appreciated! Are they daylight balanced or do you have to gel them? I see a lot of shooters state side using hot lights, hardly ever anyone over here though, I’m sure Jeffrey Jacobs is big on them!

  8. Hi Scott

    how do you white balance your photographs after lighting up things. do you use a color checker or do you use expodisc or something like that?

    cheers Grant

    • Grant, I use a color checker on occasion, mostly I know from experience where it needs to be, and/or I eyedropper something neutral within the scene.