Earlier this year,I did a really fun shoot with my client Cogent Legal, making environmental portraits of the principals, Morgan Smith and Sarah Smith, and the staff.

And last July, I got to do it again, this time with Appel Law Firm, which specializes in working with the Ironworker’s union. Why they don’t call themselves High Iron Legal, I’ll never know….#coolnames

Appel launched their new website this week, and it’s great to see my work in the final product. Here’s a few more. Thanks to John, Mike, and Thomas for a great project!

6 responses to “Lawyers!

  1. I really like these images, my favorites are the images you shot of the lawyers thru the blinds.

  2. Those are my favorites, too. I wasn’t sure they’d go for them, but it turned out that they LOVED them!

  3. Very nice contrasty lighting without introducing hard shadows, are you able to post a few comments about lighting style? e.g. shoot-thru’s umbrellas, bare strobe, hot lights?

  4. Hi Scott, have you tried that Octabox for interior shoots? I imagine it will give contrastier light than a shoot thru? I am looking for a minimal shadow solution that has more contrast than an umbrella.

  5. Hi Scott, I’m catching up on your blog and came to this posting. Beautiful shots. Which of your lights are you using with the Octa? I see a lot of photographers are using ($$$) Profotos. What are you doing in post? Does that young guy really have such baby smooth skin evident in the shot of him at his desk or are running a plug in like Portraiture on him? Thanks for sharing more inspiring work.