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Holly Bender Eclectic

Some clients are hard to categorize.  Holly Bender always manages to do something I wasn’t expecting. And I’m never sure just how to describe her work to my colleagues. She’ll do an utterly monochromatic bedroom, and then right down the hall is something vibrant and colorful. And yet, all these rooms are “hers”. Take a look at this set of photos we made in October and you’ll find some themes that carry though and make them all fit together.

See the continuity of motifs, patterns, colors? You might also take a look at another of Holly’s projects – the same themes are there.

I love this stuff. Working with a variety of interior design and architecture professionals puts me in a great position to compare and contrast their work. And they’re collectively taking me to school on design generally.

IPhone Photo of the Day

On location in San Francisco with Susie Harris Interior Design. Who WOULDN’T want to work in this room?!

GPP PhotoWeekend Wrap-Up

I spent the first week of November  teaching 4 days’ worth of workshops with Gulf Photo Plus, in Dubai (or, as one person I met calls it, “Du-bizzle”). I posted some behind-the-scenes shots a few days ago.

iPhone Burj Khalifa

Full write-up, more photos, including student photos, after the jump!

FStoppers Reviews Lighting For Real Estate Photography Video Series

EDIT: This blog has MOVED. You’re on the old, dead blog. Everything (including this post) has been migrated onboard my website. Here’s the direct link:

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We now continue with our original programming….



Mike Kelley (himself an accomplished interiors guy) reviewed my video series, Lighting For Real Estate Photography over at the always-fun blog FStoppers. Looks like we got a solid thumbs-up! Although Mike neglected to comment on my incredible on-camera poise and presence, and general good looks. I guess maybe he was just overwhelmed.

I hit FStoppers every day or so, for the great BTS vids they feature. And Mike (along with some of the other writers) keeps enough architectural/interiors material flowing through to make sure my attention doesn’t wander.

Read the review, HERE.

Find out details on the twenty-one now twenty-two part video series, HERE.

Live From GPP

I’m wrapping up a four-day set of workshops with the wonderful people at Gulf Photo Plus. We’ve shot two large show villas in Abu Dhabi, three hotel rooms in Dubai, and the Russian Tea Room at the Marina Byblos Hotel. Tomorrow: more Russian Tea Room shots, but with models posing as customers/waitstaff, as well as the Korean Karaoke Bar down the hall.

All photos by Tonya Colson,who’s been assisting me, keeping time, handing me a steady stream of water bottles, chauffuering me around Dubai, fetching coffee, and then reminding me of where I left my coffee, all week. In addition to her real duties as a photo assistant.

Full write-up and more photos after I get home and get some sleep.

iPhone Photo of the Day

Address Hotel

iPhone Photo of the Day

A fairly crappy stitch of no less than FOUR iPhone shots. Yeah, it’s that tall.