Live From GPP

I’m wrapping up a four-day set of workshops with the wonderful people at Gulf Photo Plus. We’ve shot two large show villas in Abu Dhabi, three hotel rooms in Dubai, and the Russian Tea Room at the Marina Byblos Hotel. Tomorrow: more Russian Tea Room shots, but with models posing as customers/waitstaff, as well as the Korean Karaoke Bar down the hall.

All photos by Tonya Colson,who’s been assisting me, keeping time, handing me a steady stream of water bottles, chauffuering me around Dubai, fetching coffee, and then reminding me of where I left my coffee, all week. In addition to her real duties as a photo assistant.

Full write-up and more photos after I get home and get some sleep.

One response to “Live From GPP

  1. Question. I notice you have an extension tube on your tilt shift lens. When does that come into play?
    Also, another post you mentioned a fabric you used to cover a tub’s reflection poly popin. Where did you find 10′ x 6′ and 10′ x 20′ piece of fabric? Thanks.