Alameda Victorian


Here’s one that’s been embargoed for a while! I shot this unique Victorian  back in September for Alameda Magazine. But, as happens sometimes, the story got bumped, and then bumped again. But I was pleasantly surprised to find the images in the January issue. And so now I’m free to share here, too.

The house was a former blight on the neighborhood, until developer Farhard Matin bought it and transformed it into a landmark, even making it into an art piece (the faux graffiti was done by San Francisco underground artist Victor Reyes).

Farhard likes to do things “right”, and to him that doesn’t necessarily mean “traditional”. This house makes a statement! This is a structure that is rising from an unhappy and even (locally) notorious period in it’s life. But it wasn’t always that way, and the free-spirited exterior paint job is just one expression of the rejuvenation. Inside, the same swirling, joyful motifs continue, this time in bright red, up the central staircase. The building is still very much a Victorian, but there’s no heaviness, no sense of past baggage. Everything is focused forward; and it’s an uplifting place to be.


Nor was this done on the cheap. Materials, hardware, and fixtures were chosen based on aesthetics and authenticity more than budget constraints. In some cases they’re quite faithful; in others, Matin indulged a creative streak.




5 responses to “Alameda Victorian

  1. Loving the exterior shot!

  2. Your photos made this story come alive! Love the photo of the light fixture with the wobbly glass…sorry I didn’t use it in the story…but here it is, lovely!

  3. Do I see ND Grad filter ?