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iPhone Photo of the Day

Location scouting at offices, Dubai UAE.

iPhone Photo of the Day

And so it begins…see you in 30 hours or so.

iPhone Photo of the Day

US Customs & Border Patrol office in downtown San Francisco.

The irony that this room is the first stop on a trip halfway around the globe, to shoot interiors, is not lost on me.



Happy Friday, everyone!

iPhone Photo of the Day

On location in San Francisco with Leslie Arnold Architect!

Contemporary Baths, by 1 Columbia Design


In December, I spent a day with Kathleen Divney, of 1 Columbia Design, photographing a trio of bathrooms she and her team did in the Oakland Hills. Anyone who’s ever heard me speak publicly about interiors photography has listened ad nauseum about Kathleen’s work, because I like to use this shot she and I made a couple of years ago as a primer on how to “see” interior design. Kathleen’s designs hold together really, really well. And, she understands how a photograph “works” and is willing to put in the effort to make everything come together, photographically, as well. I love it!


A lot of work went into these three shots, from composition, to lighting, and perhaps most importantly, styling!


I think the results are worth it. Thanks, 1CD!

iPhone Photo of the Day

Virtual location scouting

Scott Hargis Photo
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San Francisco Eclectic by Susan Diana Harris


Susan Diana Harris is nothing if not bold. I’d use stronger language, but this is a family blog. She’s not interested in anything that doesn’t make a clear, loud statement, and she’s not afraid to take chances, either. And that combination can lead to some really cool interior spaces, like this San Francisco loft.


This place is in what is possibly the coolest part of the city. The study (above, with blue chalkboard paint and the most awesome light fixture EVER) is classic SDH design. You can’t walk in there without going, “Whoa….”
That was my reaction, anyway…

But in the converted industrial space that comprises most of the loft, Susie took all the energy that she would ordinarily put into the wall treatments and focused it instead on the floors.



This was not a complete remodel — she and her team had to work with existing floors (including the high gloss finish), existing kitchen, and much else. But this place has her stamp on it, for sure. You can see an installation photo HERE.


We wrapped with a shot of the bedroom, done in what might be the most mellow tones Susie has ever assembled. But of course, a giant gorilla….


Horizon Beverage by ARCO Beverage Group


Some projects take longer to complete than others. I first spoke with Arco Beverage Group in St. Louis almost a year ago about shooting a new distribution center for Horizon Beverage here in Oakland, and it was only in December that we wrapped on the last shots!

There was a lot of juggling to pull the various aspects of the project together, but we got it done! lots of photos, and write-up, after the jump!