iPhone Photo of the Day

On location in San Francisco with Leslie Arnold Architect!

5 responses to “iPhone Photo of the Day

  1. Can’t believe your otherwise stylish clients buy Jack Vettriano. Love your work Scott.

  2. Hi Scott, I see you are using ARRI hot lights quite a bit, I think these are all tungsten balanced? So do you balance everything for tungsten, and if so, what about daylight through windows?

  3. Steve, white balance is sort of situational. Whatever the dominant temp in the room, that’s what you’ll set the WB to. When there’s a mix, you have to do something to even it all out, one way or the other. In this case, there’s a skylight above, so most of the room is a warm-ish version of daylight. So here, (although you can’t see it in this shot) I’m augmenting with un-modified flash. Wood grain almost always benefits from a really warm light, though, so the Arri is perfect to bring up the vanity.

  4. Thanks Scott. Down in the caribbean I shoot a lot of large rooms which are heavily lit with daylight. I’m thinking of playing with hotlights, but I just don’t think they will be appropriate for most situations. Do you use them for dusk exteriors?

  5. Scott- I come from a TV background so very familiar with Arri’s. What wattage is that one? Looks like a 150? which I assume would be enough with a relatively slow shutter? Thanks! Thanks for helping to advance the Real Estate Photography biz!