San Francisco Kitchen & Bath by Leslie Arnold


I recently completed a couple of projects with architect Leslie Arnold; a pair of kitchen/bath remodels in San Francisco. Here’s the first one, and it was a real pleasure to shoot!


Nor was it simple. The atrium-like eating area at the rear was flooded with sunlight, but the center island and “cooking” end of the space was significantly darker, and had to be lit in order for the photos to match what our eyes experienced. There’s a mixture of strobe and continuous light being applied across the entire image. Some of the strobe was via a head mounted on a light stand that was then “boomed” out the window of an adjoining room, by my assistant!



In the bathroom, we again used a combination of flash (this time a small speedlight) and continuous light (for the cabinetry) to compress the dynamic range into something that matched what our eyes could see.


We wrapped up the day with a few detail shots in other areas of the house where Leslie had done work, including the bedroom closets and storage.

Up next: a completely different kitchen/bath look, also by Leslie Arnold! Stay tuned….

7 responses to “San Francisco Kitchen & Bath by Leslie Arnold

  1. Nice Scott. If I may ask, what kind of continuous lights are you using in the images.

  2. I think this is a text book kind of work.

  3. Brilliant! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Beautiful!

  5. Great work as always Scott. How you decide when you break out the Arri instead of the flashes?

    • Damion, they are just useful in different ways…continuous is good for very precise tasks, where controlling the shape and intensity is critical. Theoretically, it can all be done with flash, but for the really tricky placements, the WYSIWYG aspect of continuous light is what makes it practical.