San Francisco Kitchen & Bath: Leslie Arnold, Part Two


A few posts back, I chronicled a recent shoot with architect Leslie Arnold – a kitchen/bath remodel in San Francisco. Today, here’s another one, with a distinctly different flavor.


Unlike the other project, which was a sort of Victorian-meets-country blend, this was Mission all the way. Arched doorways, stucco, smallish rooms….and Leslie introduced an Arts & Crafts flavor to the kitchen.


For the lighting geeks: The shot above involved gelling all the under-cabinet lights minus green (or magenta) to bring the fluorescent tubes back to something close to daylight. We introduced some flash from the left side down near the fridge, and there’s also continuous light in the rear left corner as well as the foreground. A lot of careful positioning of cards and some white reflectors got everything under control.


With the kitchen done, we moved into the bath, where Leslie had cast off all pretense of Mission style and gone 100% contemporary. This is the epitome of crisp! Green glass tile, white CeasarStone vanity top, and rich wood cabinets. The little scrubby was a last-minute addition to the styling that I just couldn’t resist.


All in all this was a really satisfying project to shoot, thanks to Leslie’s great work and some excellent collaborative atmosphere.

5 responses to “San Francisco Kitchen & Bath: Leslie Arnold, Part Two

  1. yildirim enes

    This is what you get, when you work with the master of real estate photography.

  2. Thanks for posting these photos, Scott. I shot a room with dark wood cabinets and the white from the floor could be seen on them…I didn’t know how to fix it, and felt bad about delivering them to the client that way, but I see you have that in your photos of this bathroom so I guess it’s acceptable after all! I feel relieved – I guess I didn’t do such a bad job after all! I appreciate this blog – I often learn something and always enjoy the beautiful spaces you photograph. Thanks! Dawn

  3. Scott,
    These images are really stunning! Which continuous lights did you use for your kitchen?
    I also appreciate you share where you placed your lights, thanks.

  4. ctadn, I use tungsten-balanced continous, there’s kind of a variety in the kit and I can’t remember which one this was.