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Scott Hargis Photo
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9 responses to “iPhone Photo of the Day

  1. Add-ons for iPhones are getting ridiculous, this has to stop… 😉

  2. Sweet! What kind of back are you using?

    • Barry, that’s a 4×5, no back. It uses a new technology called “film”….no doubt everyone will be doing this next year. Digital is so over…

  3. Hey Scott…nice camera. Are you actually shooting 4 x 5 for a job or just having fun playing with film? Which lens do you find most useful for 4 x 5 interiors?

    • Mike, just goofing around. So far, it’s a Rodenstock 90mm (about a 26mm equivalent to dSLR). The only other lens I have for this beast is a Schneider 210mm.

  4. Sinar 4×5 w/wide angle bellows..cool. I miss mine. Yah, digital is soo over.

  5. Haha. I knew that silly. I was wondering if it was the 4×5, 5×7 or the 8×10. A good friend of mine shoots with the p2 – awesome camera!

    • 4×5 — been putting Provia in it, but I’ve also got a box of E100 waiting in the wings…I’ll have some film/digital comparisons up here on the blog in about 2 weeks. So far the results are interesting…..very very interesting…

  6. I like to tell people my 4×5 camera is my “100 megapixel camera”….