Lighting For Real Estate Photography Updated

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As I mentioned recently, there are 6 new episodes currently being added to the Lighting For Real Estate Video series, under the heading “Le Monde Réel”. We went live with “Rick” a couple of weeks ago, which covers a gnarly color cast situation, and more recently we released “Simon” – which deals with a bizarre reflection issue, and “Kristen” which addresses log homes and wood paneling.

Coming up next week is “Pat”, which centers on flash technique and photographer-induced shadows.

If you’re a subscriber, log into the site and look under the “Video” tab to find the “Le Monde Réel” link. That’ll take you to a new page with all three videos ready to play. And check back periodically — there are 3 more episodes in the editing phase as we speak, which will be released as they’re ready, about one every week to ten days.


3 responses to “Lighting For Real Estate Photography Updated

  1. Scott,
    Thanks for the addition of the new videos, very helpful. I’m looking forward to watching “Pat.”

  2. Correction: Pat will be up next week. We posted Kristen last Friday. 🙂

  3. Whoops, I had the order wrong. Post above has been corrected…”Kristen” is up now, “Pat” will next week!