First Prize!


The photo above was just sent to me by my client Building Lab, along with a note explaining that they won First Prize (Residential, $100k – $250k) in last years “Remmie” awards, with a project I photographed! Congrats to the incredibly talented folks over at BL, especially Stephen Shoup, and Hide Kawato!

The Remmies are the annual NARI contest, but sadly, the San Francisco NARI chapter’s website is pretty sorry, so almost no one knows about the awards or who wins (the last time they updated the awards section was 2010). Note to The Internet can be a very powerful tool. You should check it out.

Snarkiness aside, NARI is a good organization and I’m especially pleased to have photographed the First Prize winning project for three consecutive years. I wonder which of my projects this year will be the winner?  😀

Here’s a photo from the Building Lab’s First Prize winning project:


2 responses to “First Prize!

  1. Cool! Scott, It’ great that you set a high standard. You make us all feel like those basketball players in the Gatorade ad that keep waking up in a cold sweat from dreaming about their rival. Keep it up!

  2. Hi Scott, Congratulations on your third consecutive win. I have been trying out your small flash techniques with some success, but now I am wondering whether I need to invest in some avocado and lime props in order to really impress my clients 😉 thanks for the inspiration. Gary