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iPhone Photo of the Day

Dawn over the South Pacific

Once More…OZ!

iphone4735-2Here I come!


iPhone Photo of the Day

iPhone Photo of the Day


Scott Hargis Photo
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Orinda Residential by Kelly Scanlon Interior Design


A few weeks ago I spent an afternoon with Kelly Scanlon, photographing a recently completed project in Orinda, California.

Kelly found a way to combine a rich, textured feel with a very comfortable, “live-able” aesthetic in this house. She used a terrific color palette that feels warm and inviting, at yet retains an open, airy feeling. We tried to replicate that in the photos.


The green patterned backboard of the built-in shelving is reversible – allowing the homeowner to quickly change the “look” of the room from formal to casual. And pay attention to the recurring themes in the colors and patterns here. Thisis good stuff!


The stylist on this project was Leslie Price, and you can read her take on things on her blog, “Pillow Love”, HERE.




Lighting For Real Estate Photography Updated Again


Latest installment of “Le Monde RĂ©el” went live this week — check it out at!

Honestly, this was the one that I came very close to dropping from the series, because it just looked too damn hard. There’s no way that this shot doesn’t challenge even the most advanced lighting technician, but Sinead and I worked through it and came up with enough ideas to at least get something done. Lots of good stuff inside….if you’re a subscriber, let me know what you think of this one!

iPhone Photos of the Day

Shooting more 4×5 today!photo copy 2