Orinda Residential by Kelly Scanlon Interior Design


A few weeks ago I spent an afternoon with Kelly Scanlon, photographing a recently completed project in Orinda, California.

Kelly found a way to combine a rich, textured feel with a very comfortable, “live-able” aesthetic in this house. She used a terrific color palette that feels warm and inviting, at yet retains an open, airy feeling. We tried to replicate that in the photos.


The green patterned backboard of the built-in shelving is reversible – allowing the homeowner to quickly change the “look” of the room from formal to casual. And pay attention to the recurring themes in the colors and patterns here. Thisis good stuff!


The stylist on this project was Leslie Price, and you can read her take on things on her blog, “Pillow Love”, HERE.




7 responses to “Orinda Residential by Kelly Scanlon Interior Design

  1. Nice shots Scott. I especially like the 3rd shot and being able to see the detail in the floor. That’s beautiful original hardwood. Well done!

  2. Hi Scott! Your photos are a lot better than mine were that day! So fun working with you! You have a great energy and a wonderful sense of detail. Cheers to you!

  3. With all due respect…. like scores of others all over the world, I too admire your photography a lot… but in these images was not too pleased to see the colour shifts amongst the images. It’s very visible specially on the white dotted single chair near the window. In the last image it has a very cold tone compared to the various degrees of warm tone in others. Also the green patterned backboard looks vibrant in the 3rd image but comparatively dull in the first 2 images. The bricks around the fireplace look yellowish in 2nd & 3rd image but almost white in the 4th image.
    Still…. individually all the images look fantastic and I feel that it’s a nice departure from your usual style of capturing a space. This is my personal observation only.

  4. Scott: Great images. You present a problem that a lot of us have and that is lighting bookcases. In your second and third shots did the window light illuminate the bookcase closest to it and/or did you use supplemental lighting? Thank you for helping us with problems with try and deal with all of the time. Bea

    • Bea, there’s a head/umbrella outside the window above the red chair. It looks like window light but it’s aimed more across towards the far wall, and less down towards the chair (which is what the “natural” light is doing).

  5. Its hard to believe but the different angles of shooting a scene can sure change the lighting values from one angle to the next. I fight with this all the time. Beautiful Job.