Once More…OZ!

iphone4735-2Here I come!

7 responses to “Once More…OZ!

  1. Hey Scott,
    Just wondering if this round of workshops are for the GP or for specific companies??

    Would love to attend one of your workshops one day!

    Cheers & have a great time in OZ!

    • Dane, this was an Open2View conference. And as usual, I really enjoyed OZ! Got my first taste of Aussie Rules Football, and my mind is blown…

  2. Thanks for the very informative sessions we had here in Melbourne with you. Learnt a lot and are all inspired to go out and put it all into practice. See you soon in New Zealand. Rich and Bev Snyders

  3. Nice to meet you Scott. I actually attended both of your Saturday sessions back to back as I really wanted to absorb the info. I was initially worried that your methods would be too time consuming on site but now I’ve seen how (especially after having purchased your book last night) that this is not necessarily the case in all rooms.
    The time saved in post processing is going to be great especially considering that I’ll have a better quality of light to begin with.
    I’ll follow your advice and start out slowly but already started cruising around eBay;)

    • Richard,
      Glad you got something out of it! You’ll see from the book that there are some go-to setups that can handle most of the common situations we encounter in real estate. Then it’s just a matter of combining them to “solve” the particular lighting puzzle before you in any given room(s). Have fun with it!

  4. Hi Scott,

    Really enjoyed your workshops at open2view conference and have already started putting some of your tips into practice.
    Loved you down to earth approach.
    Great meeting you. If you are coming to New Zealand, I will be there.

    Torben Nielsen