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iPhone Photo of the Day

photo copy 3

Three days home.…and I’m off again! LA, and beyond. Weighing the cases to stay under the weight limits…love my platform scale!

iPhone Photo of the Day

Intercontinental Hotel, Doha the City.

iPhone Photo of the Day

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SF Millenium Tower by Handel Architects


I’ve shot the inside of this building many times, but I’ve never needed a good photo of the outside. Earlier this year, I decided I ought to make one, anyway. I spent a couple of Sunday afternoons wandering around the neighborhood, looking suspicious, scouting for locations to shoot from. Eventually I settled on the eighth floor of a building occupied by a global hedge fund management company.

They wouldn’t mind letting a random photographer run around their building, right? [#sarcasm]  As it turns out, it was actually fine. Getting access to a shooting location usually comes down to asking (the right people, in the right way), figuring out the process, and then following it to a “T”. I worked with the building management, and the tenant (the hedge fund people) and while it took a couple of weeks and some paperwork, eventually I got everything I had asked for: access for several hours, at two different times.


As you can see from the construction, this angle won’t be available for much longer. The new Transbay Tower and transportation hub going into a 2-block piece of the SoMA district will soon occlude the gorgeous blue and white Millenium. At least from this viewpoint.


iPhone Photo of the Day

Having a little trouble straightening the verts on this one….

iPhone Photo of the Day


iPhone Photo of the Day

At Katara Center for the Arts, Doha.

iPhone Photo of the Day

Pizza and beers with Eduardo Angel, Peter Hurley, and David Burnett – in NY.

Flight Connections

photo copy 3And I’m off….again! Not actually connecting through LHR (where this photo was made) but anyway….it’s up and away to Qatar for a 3-day workshop in Doha!

نراكم قريبا!

iPhone Photo of the Day

On location with BaranStudio Architects in San Francisco’s SoMA district.
Alan hanging a weather balloon from the rafters…things we do for the shot, haha!