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Entertainer’s Kitchen by Custom Kitchens


Here’s a June project I just haven’t had time to post — a great kitchen in Piedmont, California, by my good friends at Custom Kitchens & Baths.



As you can see, we were a little more aggressive than usual with the styling/propping on this one….



CK_FL_small_07I’ve been shooting at a pace I’ve never seen before, so many more projects coming…stay tuned!

Zig Zag Towers by MZ & Partners


While I was in Qatar last month, I found myself unexpectedly face to face with the Zig Zag Towers (MZ & Partners), while shopping for a gift (a crazy thing happened on the way to the store….)

The official name is West Bay Lagoon, referring to the overall complex of residential, shopping, office and restaurants, but it’s universally referred to as the ZigZag Towers.

I immediately knew I wanted to shoot it, and with dusk only an hour away I asked my driver to cruise around in circles for a while as I craned my neck and tried to find a decent POV to shoot from. The building is surrounded by a sea of construction, and there were unsightly occlusions that eliminated all but a vew vantage points. Eventually I settled on a spot next to the approach road. I grabbed my tripod, camera, and laptop and spent the next hour and a half sweating on the sidewalk across the street, waiting first for the light to be right, and then (feverishly) for the perfect combination of taillights to create a red swoosh up the road.

Later that week, I again found myself unexpectedly looking at another angle on this remarkable structure, and again I changed some plans in order to shoot it.


There are actually two of these (of course: it’s the Gulf, after all) but neither of my vantage points offer even a hint of the other one, sadly.

And while we’re on the topic of tall buildings in Doha, here’s a little architectural porn:


Thats the Tornado Tower, center (CICO Consulting Doha / SIAT Architekten + Ingenieure), with the Palm Tower (MZ & Partners again) on the left. The fuzzy area on the Palm Tower is the reflection of the Burj Qatar, which is just out of frame on the right. That’s a stunning structure that will just have to wait for my next trip to Doha!

iPhone Photo of the Day

On location in Emeryville, California, with Dogtown Development, and Baran Studios Architects!

iPhone Photo of the Day

Ellis Au hams it up — on location in Paradise California (really), with Atria!

iPhone Photo of the Day

On location in Carmichael, California!

iPhone Photo of the Day

Sunrise! Finally…on location in Truckee, California with Shelterwerkes, and of course, the Sun Seeker app.


iPhone Photo of the Day

On location (at 5:00am!) with Shelterwerkes, in Truckee, CA.

iPhone Photo of the Day

And then….

iPhone Photo of the Day

On location with Shelterwerkes, in Truckee, California!

iPhone Photo of the Day

On location in Temecula, California.