Entertainer’s Kitchen by Custom Kitchens


Here’s a June project I just haven’t had time to post — a great kitchen in Piedmont, California, by my good friends at Custom Kitchens & Baths.



As you can see, we were a little more aggressive than usual with the styling/propping on this one….



CK_FL_small_07I’ve been shooting at a pace I’ve never seen before, so many more projects coming…stay tuned!

8 responses to “Entertainer’s Kitchen by Custom Kitchens

  1. Excellent styling. I especially like the grocery bag with the flowers and the orange rind. Nice touch. Is the light coming from the glass fronted cabinets yours or is the light built in? Bea

    • Bea, I’ve gotten a lot of feedback, positive and negative about the styling. Always interesting to hear different people’s take on it!
      Glass-fronted cabinets had lighting built in, and it was pretty bright.

  2. Very nice! Who got to eat the ice cream?

  3. thanks for posting the photos. Would it be possible for you to just do an iphone pull-back shot showing the lighting set ups for these shoots? It would help us trying to learn this soooo much! I’m still struggling with shadows and reflections. thanks! Dawn

    • Dawn, not so much. Mostly the lighting is just too complex to take in with a single photo, and honestly there’s a lot going on and a tight schedule most of the time.
      The good news is that there’s a resource for this!

      For the most part, the techniques are the same, but in the work you see featured here, it’s just applied with more care and more creativity.

  4. Any plans on having a workshop in Los Angeles or nearby?


  5. I understand, Scott. I have been watching the videos over and over, and have been going through your downloaded book for several months now. I appreciate the materials you have made available on line – thanks! I would love to attend a workshop as well…;)

  6. I for one appreciate the styling and it’s motivated me to pick us some simple props for my own work. And why not? Few things impact an image so much with so little time and cash outlay on the part of the photog. Well done. Thank you for another good lesson Scott.