Lighting Interiors – Second Edition…On It’s Way!

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I’ve been laboring all year (off and on) to bring an updated Lighting Interiors eBook to fruition, and I’m VERY happy to announce that at last I’ve finished writing! The entire book is undergoing a face-lift, updating the existing chapters, correcting mistakes, adding new chapters and new photos.

The text is in proofreading as we speak, and the new layout is well underway. With any luck, this will be “live” well in time for the holiday shopping season…

The book is sold as a subscription — meaning that if you’ve already purchased it, you’ll automatically get the update (if you can remember which fake email you used when you bought originally). You can get the original, first edition HERE — and again, you’ll automatically get the second edition the day it’s released, no charge.

While we’re on the topic, let’s not forget about the “Lighting For Real Estate Video Series” which makes a good companion to the book.

8 responses to “Lighting Interiors – Second Edition…On It’s Way!

  1. Scott,
    I look forward to the updated version of the book.

  2. Awesome! Any hints as to what the new version will include?

    • There’s a chapter on ceiling fans; another on the difference between flat lighting and ‘three-dimensional’ lighting (and how to achieve them). And two more that are more process-oriented rather than technique-oriented. And every chapter got refreshed, some more some less. We added in a “suggested reading” section, which I meant to have in the first edition. The core of the book still follows the shoot on Helen Street.

  3. fabulous; I can’t wait.

  4. I just got done reading your 1st Edition of this book.
    I was wondering what your recommendations would be now for this equipment:

    Speed flashes
    Tripods for flashes

    I work for a Kitchen & Bath and take a lot of pictures of Kitchens on top of my job.
    I am just now actually getting into photography and really want what I am doing to stand out.
    I understand the techniques you describe, I just need help in choosing equipment.
    I don’t want to go broke, but I don’t want to buy junk.

    My email is

    Your help would be greatly appreciated!

  5. just got your update! Thank you!
    Your e-book was very helpful and I´m keen on reading your 2nd edition

    @Nick – just buy the book! I can really recommend it. Your photos will never be the same, after reading and working with the book 🙂

    Greetings from germany – München