Sacramento International Auto Show


And now for something completely different… Earlier this month I spend a weekend in Sacramento California shooting exhibits at the Sacramento International Auto Show – which turned out to be surprisingly fun!

I’m one of those people who just doesn’t love cars. They all sort of look alike to me – I can tell the difference between an SUV and a subcompact, but that’s about it. My first thought when I look at a Ferrari is usually along the lines of “So where do you put the groceries?”

So when I showed up to shoot cars and car exhibits, I wasn’t expecting to get so…into it. But a lot of work and thought and talent goes into designing these exhibits, and it shows. And good design ALWAYS leads to good photography!

Here’s a few more — see if you can guess which ones were shot with my 5DmIII, and which were with my new Fuji X100s!













3 responses to “Sacramento International Auto Show

  1. I CANNOT tell the difference btween the dslr and fuji… wow. BEAUTIFUL work, as always!! nice and crisp, as ALWAYS!

  2. Hi Scott

    Was this all ambient light or at least the ones without any people in the shot? What about those? What did you do for setting white balance? My thought would be that the existing lights are all in that broad spectrum that florescent lights hang out in.

    An aside to another of your posts I just read. Can’t wait for the new edition of your ebook. Hope it just shows up in my box, ’cause I don’t remember what email I used!


  3. Joanne,
    All ambient. White Balance was whatever it was…simplest thing to do is to “eyedropper” something neutral in your RAW editor and then adjust to taste. These spaces were all lit with those big overhead industrial lamps – probably metal halides – and since the photography was done primarily at night, there was no “mixed lighting” (i.e. color casts) to deal with. Nice and simple!

    Second edition is in the final layout phase….stand by!