San Francisco Swank by Muratore

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Millenium_11I found myself back in the SF Millenium Tower at the end of October, shooting a very nice residence by my friends at Muratore Corp. We shot the spaces “straight” and then did a round of lifestyle images.

Muratore specializes in high-end residential remodels, and will custom fabricate pretty much anything you can dream up, including this absolutely awesome steel and glass office door.



The living room boasts a city view that is unparalleled, and which will be looking straight down at the public gardens that are the centerpiece of the new Transbay Terminal under construction, as well as both of the towers (including the “Transbay Tower” which will be the tallest building in San Francisco when completed in 2017).




“Thursday” the cat charmed the pants off of everyone there, and managed to insert herself into several photos! She was pretty cooperative, so we pressed her into service as the Lifestyle portion of the shoot commenced, in the late afternoon.

Model: Katie Geren

Makeup/Hair: Joslyn Soliman

PA: Alan Vance



Millenium_08As the  light got bluer and sexier, we transitioned in stages to a more glamorous wardrobe, and the poses got less relaxed and more sophisticated.




All in all — a long, fun day. Here’s a few behind-the-scenes shots!


Reviewing images in between takes.


Me, thinking deep photographer thoughts….or something….


Trying to demonstrate how Katie should pose. For some reason, this cracked everyone up.


In 5-inch heels, even walking the few steps over to the laptop was pretty dangerous, so I brought it to Katie to review.


Typical behind-the-scenes chaos….

image-12 image-13

5 responses to “San Francisco Swank by Muratore

  1. Fantastic work as always,still hoping to join one of your work shops if you ever come back to Dubai!

  2. Even better (for us) would be a workshop here in the US!

  3. I will,I forgot to mention photos with model looks real classy top of the line.

  4. A fantastic apartment. We notice that has everything and the best quality. What I like are the windows that let in lots of light. I congratulate them for decoration.