Announcing: US Lighting Workshops!

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We now continue with our original programming….


That motley crew above were some of the students I worked with almost exactly a year ago in Abu Dhabi, at my first Gulf Photo Plus workshop. Today, after a nearly 2-year North American hiatus, I’m happy to announce that there will be three US workshops this winter!

San Francisco  •  Boston  •  Atlanta

First up is San Francisco — January 17th – 19th. A few weeks later, it’s Boston (February 7, 8, & 9)…and later that month, we wrap in Atlanta (February 28th, March 1, and 2).

I’m teaming up with filmmaker Malia Campbell, who will be teaching a separate course on Real Estate Property Video. Malia is a well-known pioneer of the cinematic property video, and you’d be hard pressed to find a more knowledgeable, talented, and weird goofy videographer.

We’ve arranged each weekend such that, if you’re really a glutton for punishment, you can attend BOTH workshops. But you can also choose one or the other.

Everything you need to know (including how to register) is on the official workshop website:

But here’s the short version: Malia’s workshop is a 2-day affair. One day shooting, in a staged, vacant residence, and one day editing, in a classroom. Mine is a one-day workshop (choose one of the two days it’s offered), entirely on location.

Can’t make it to one of these? You might be interested in the next best thing…my video series:

We’ll wrap this up with a few photos I’ve made at various workshops over the years… these are all photos that we built as a group during a workshop just like the ones I’m announcing today. It’s a long, tiring day…and a LOT of fun! I hope to see you at one of these upcoming events!


Vancouver, 2011


Vancouver, 2011


Ronda, Spain, 1011


Melbourne, Australia, 2013


Calgary, 2011


Ronda, Spain, 2011


Doha, Qatar, 2013


Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, 2012


Ronda, Spain, 2011


Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, 2012


Oslo, Norway, 2012

32 responses to “Announcing: US Lighting Workshops!

  1. Beatrice Bolton

    Scott: I signed up for Boston, Feb.8th. You have Feb. 8 & 9 listed. Is the eighth with you because I know Malia isdoing a two day workshop. Just wanted to confirm that is with you. Thanks, Bea

    Date: Mon, 25 Nov 2013 15:34:04 +0000 To:

  2. Bea, as long as you clicked the PayPal link on the same page as the description of my workshop, you’re OK.
    edit: Yep, you’re with me…see you on the 8th!

  3. Hi Scott. The US workshops are exciting news! Are you planning any advanced workshops in the US for 2014 (something where you move beyond the techniques in your book/videos) ?

  4. I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

  5. Would love to attend one of your Atlanta workshops! I currently shoot HDR for my real estate clients. I don’t use flash, but am familiar with flash. I am looking to take my real estate photography to the next level, do you recommend I attend or purchase your video series instead?

    • Jodi, hard to say in the abstract. Most people tell me they get a different experience from a “live” event vs. a book or video. Then again, the videos and book cover a much wider range of techniques and situations than we could ever get to in a single house, on a single day. I think they’re all good! I know that probably doesn’t help…

  6. YAY! I’ve been waiting rather impatiently for this! Just registered for the San Fran workshop. I was hoping for Vancouver or Calgary but am just happy to get to come to a workshop. I’m really looking forward to it! Scott, will you consider creating a Facebook closed group for the attendees, so we can find a room mate or make arrangements to go sightseeing/ shooting around town etc? I’ve never been to San Francisco before, so I plan to come for an extra day or two. Thanks, Scott!

  7. Thanks for bringing the workshop to Atlanta, Scott. Looking forward to it!

  8. Dawn, good idea…if I can figure out how…

    Joshua, looking forward to meeting you!

  9. Scott, on the left-hand side of your facebook page you will see a list of the groups you belong to. At the bottom of the list is a choice to “create group”.Choose “closed” rather than secret. Then, in one of your emails to the group,tell registrants to ask to join the group. You will have to accept them as members (since you are the guy who will know who has paid). I’m sure there are other ways to do it, but that’s the way I know lol. cheers, Dawn

  10. Dawn: Done! I hope.
    The irony is that I *JUST* posted a comment over on Larry Lohrman’s blog about how one of the great things about workshops is that we all learn from each other….and here you are teaching me how to start a FB group. (fist pump!)

  11. Hey Scott. When are you coming to NZ?? I’m sure we could arrange for a bunch of Ooen2View photographers to sign up for a lighting workshop and you would be well looked after……

  12. I SOOO wish I could come to one of these, but they are just too far from me (thus adding expense for airfare, hotel, food, rental car, etc.). So, you just need to do one in the midwest within driving distance of Detroit and I will be there. 🙂

  13. I’m really looking forward to seeing you in Atlanta. Would there be a real benefit to attending both days?

  14. Hey Scott, Thanks for bringing your workshop to the east coast. I just signed up for Atlanta. I look forward to meeting you and the other photographers attending. See you in March!

  15. Hi Scott,
    Any change of you doing a workshop in Toronto?

    • Patrick, very little, unfortunately. The Canadian border is pretty much the toughest border crossing there is. I got turned back going to Vancouver to teach, and only squeaked by on my second attempt. David Hobby got turned around on his way to teach (in Toronto, actually) and had to cancel the entire workshop – they just wouldn’t let him in. I think Zach Arias has given up on Canada, as well.

      The CBP is tough on photographers!

  16. Hi Scott, I’m interested in the SF workshop but need a little clarification. Both the lighting and video appear to be on the 17th and 18th, found on your individual pages, but I also found a date that said, 17th-19th, and above says, 17th – 20th. Can you please clarify the exact dates and let me know if there is still space available for two more photogs.

    • Thanks for the catch — I put “17th – 20th” on this blog post by accident. The entire event spans the 17th through 19th.
      If you look on the workshop website, my lighting class is on the 17th and again on the 18th, while the video workshop is the 18th & 19th. It won’t let you register for the wrong dates!

  17. Great! Thanks for the quick reply. I hope to be registered soon.

  18. Sssssigghh -Portland, Or in the future? Spent all my travel money on camera gear;)

  19. Scott, are you planning to be at Gulf Photo Plus in March? I would love to catch one of your workshops, but the US is too far for me right now (I’m based in Asia). Thanks!!

  20. Scott, I’m in Shanghai. I could help you arrange something here. I can’t think of a cooler place to do an interior/arch photo workshop. Let me know what your potential dates are.

  21. Hi Scott, will we get a chance to photograph exteriors? Or will we at least get a chance to ask you questions about this topic? Also, will we have full rights to the photographs that we take during your workshop? Thanks

  22. Scott, I’m looking forward to the seminar and the opportunity to meet/network with other photographers as well. Any chance you can add a module to your seminar that covers business basics and pricing models?