About Scott


Scott Hargis is a widely recognized interiors and architectural photographer based in the San Francisco Bay area.

“I create artistic photographs that communicate more than just basic information about a room or structure. My compositions strive to reveal the intent of the designer, interpreting their work into a two-dimensional image that accurately conveys the feeling of being in the space itself.

In an age when many photographers assemble images using extensive digital manipulation, I still prefer traditional field technique and close attention to detail to capture photographs that feel honest and alive, carry the integrity of the moment, and which require minimal retouching. My work is often described as creative, authentic, and technically flawless. I’m fast, easy to work with, and fun to be around.”

Scott’s photographs have appeared in numerous publications including This Old House , Oakland Magazine, Alameda Magazine, San Francisco Magazine, Diablo Magazine, Better Homes & Gardens, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Los Angeles Times, Design Bureau, Women’s Day Magazine, and The East Bay Express.

A member of the International Association of Architectural Photographers, Scott shares his expertise with students at workshops throughout North America, Europe, Australia, and the Middle East.

5 responses to “About Scott

  1. You should swap this photo for the b/w bronny headshot. I like that one.

  2. Arizona Professional Photographers Association Meeting Feedback

    Speaker: Scott Hargis Month: August 2010
    Title: Architectural Photography
    Attendee’s name: __________________________________

    Please provide feedback on the course to allow the training to continue to improve.
    Identify if your expectations were met and provide any specific comments or
    suggestions as desired. Please write legibly.

    Would you like to be contacted if we need clarification of your remarks?
     Yes  No

    How would you rate your instructor?
    17 Excellent 1 Good Fair Needs improvement

    How would you rate the handout? (If applicable)
    Excellent Good Fair Needs improvement

    How would you rate the content of this meeting overall?
    17 Excellent 1Good Fair Needs improvement

    What did you like best about this meeting? The speaker engaged the audience well, Philosphy and
    Work flow descriptions of commercial photography as a different field, Lots of examples-good
    Answers to questions, I wasn’t really interested in the subject but after a few minutes of Scott’s program I was totally intrigued by his program, Great pics and presentation, I am a architectural photographer who is just starting, most helpful/information for me. Something new to think about,
    A subject not normally covered, Lighting diagrams and Q&A throughout presentation, good pace, great content, Informative bery visually pleasing with sample images, Everything!, The speaker, overall presentation, Great!!, real life info.,

    Please provide suggestions for future topics or speakers. More Architectural photographers

    Please return the feedback sheet to the reception desk, Thank you.


  3. Hi Scott,

    I thought you would enjoy seeing the summary of the feedback sheets we handed out at the Arizona Professional Photographers meeting this month.
    I thought it was great too!

  4. Hi Sherry,

    Wow — thanks so much for sharing that! I had a great time with you folks, glad to know it went over well!

  5. Juan Victor Flores

    Hello Scott,
    I really like your job that you have done and I think that you can share an advice after listened your interviewed . Can I send you an email? Thanks

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