New Work from Scott Hargis Photo


It’s that time….I’ve posted a new quarterly portfolio at

New work from Jennifer Hoey Interiors, building Lab, Baran Studios Architects, Muratore Corp., and many more! It’s an amazing symbiotic relationship…my clients produce killer interiors and architecture, which provides the raw material for my camera, which leads to photographs that (hopefully) inspire yet more great design…

Some terrific projects are on the horizon, stay tuned!

Wood, Windows & Weflections – A New LFRE Video is Live!


In the latest addition to the “Le Monde Réel” section of my 28-part video series “Lighting For Real Estate Photography”, we talk with Brandon, who shot a kitchen that I’d wager 95% of real estate photographers deal with on a regular basis.

We talk through the issues, how Brandon lit his (pretty darned good) photo, and then discuss different strategies that could have been employed in that situation. Good times, for lighting nerds.

If you’re already a subscriber to LFRE, then head back over and hit the “Le Monde Réel” link – you’ll find the new video at the bottom of the page. If you’re not a subscriber….get over there and register! Lots of good stuff waiting for you….

Mid-Century Modern Kitchen, Upgraded by Building Lab


Obviously there’s a lot of natural light in play here. We bounced some of that back into the near side of the island, and added a bit to the cabinetry under the window. You can see how the backs of the stools really throw light back onto the edge of the cantilevered part of the island.

This is an example of a really beautifully designed kitchen. Stephen Shoup of Building Lab did a wonderful job of creating a modern, functional space while staying aesthetically true to the Mid-Century Modern bones of the house.

We photographed this kitchen in early October, and I was immediately struck by the cantilevered island and red cabinetry, as well as the enormous openings leading outside to the large deck.


This is always a challenging shot, as we had to light the interior to match the sunlight exposure of the deck, but without being too obvious about it.

With the multi-paneled sliding doors fully open, along with the very large window, the deck joins the kitchen and adjacent family room in an open floor plan. It’s incredibly inviting and must be an absolute joy to live in.


We backlit the translucent glass backsplash but made sure there was a gentle gradient from left to right for a more natural appearance.

We identified shots that would show off the features of the kitchen but which would also emphasize that indoor-outdoor aspect as much as possible.

And, just to make sure everyone understood that the rear backsplash was actually translucent glass, we shot the reverse angle:


Office by Bleu Leman Design


Always happy when I get a call from Diane Leifer at Bleu Leman Design — because I know it’ll be a well put-together interior. Plus, Dee is absolutely one of my favorite people on the planet to work with! Good positive energy on a shoot is priceless.


If you follow this blog, you’ve seen Dee’s work before.The challenge for me, in this space, was to get a warm, cozy, intimate, textured feeling in a room that was getting blasted with sunlight from three windows. Because this is a busy counseling office, our access was limited to just three hours, mid-morning. So we made the most of it!

Working in a small space like this brings some special issues for the photographer. I needed to introduce light to bring the interior back after I had exposed for the bright windows, but there wasn’t much “room” to operate, given the relatively wide compositions. I opted to use continuous lighting throughout, from small 150-watt “inkies” to 500-watt floods. The small profile of these lights allowed me to set them in places that a strobe wouldn’t fit, and the ability to focus and “barn-door” the light gave me complete control over the what & where for each light.


Diane is a great designer, and maybe her most impressive strength is in choosing and then styling scenes like the one above.  She’s able to create these balanced arrangements that work in ways that are quite beautiful — and a real pleasure to photograph.




Sacramento International Auto Show


And now for something completely different… Earlier this month I spend a weekend in Sacramento California shooting exhibits at the Sacramento International Auto Show – which turned out to be surprisingly fun! More photos, after the jump

iPhone Photo of the Day

On location in the San Francisco Millenium Tower with Muratore Inc.!

Lighting Interiors – Second Edition…On It’s Way!

EDIT: This blog has MOVED. You’re on the old, dead blog. Everything (including this post) has been migrated onboard my website. Here’s the direct link:

Update your bookmarks! See you there!

We now continue with our original programming….

Coming to a PDF reader near you…


I’ve been laboring all year (off and on) to bring an updated Lighting Interiors eBook to fruition, and I’m VERY happy to announce that at last I’ve finished writing! The entire book is undergoing a face-lift, updating the existing chapters, correcting mistakes, adding new chapters and new photos.

The text is in proofreading as we speak, and the new layout is well underway. With any luck, this will be “live” well in time for the holiday shopping season…

The book is sold as a subscription — meaning that if you’ve already purchased it, you’ll automatically get the update (if you can remember which fake email you used when you bought originally). You can get the original, first edition HERE — and again, you’ll automatically get the second edition the day it’s released, no charge.

While we’re on the topic, let’s not forget about the “Lighting For Real Estate Video Series” which makes a good companion to the book.