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Office by Bleu Leman Design


Always happy when I get a call from Diane Leifer at Bleu Leman Design — because I know it’ll be a well put-together interior. Plus, Dee is absolutely one of my favorite people on the planet to work with! Good positive energy on a shoot is priceless.


If you follow this blog, you’ve seen Dee’s work before.The challenge for me, in this space, was to get a warm, cozy, intimate, textured feeling in a room that was getting blasted with sunlight from three windows. Because this is a busy counseling office, our access was limited to just three hours, mid-morning. So we made the most of it!

Working in a small space like this brings some special issues for the photographer. I needed to introduce light to bring the interior back after I had exposed for the bright windows, but there wasn’t much “room” to operate, given the relatively wide compositions. I opted to use continuous lighting throughout, from small 150-watt “inkies” to 500-watt floods. The small profile of these lights allowed me to set them in places that a strobe wouldn’t fit, and the ability to focus and “barn-door” the light gave me complete control over the what & where for each light.


Diane is a great designer, and maybe her most impressive strength is in choosing and then styling scenes like the one above.  She’s able to create these balanced arrangements that work in ways that are quite beautiful — and a real pleasure to photograph.